About Us

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Homeowners, home builders and general contractors trust Custom Woodworking Team to employ the best woodworking craftsmen whose proven expertise includes premium designs and concepts, precise construction and custom finishes for luxury home interiors.

We approach every home as if it was our own and strive for absolute delight every time. Enjoy our:

  • first-class customer service
  • professionalism and courtesy
  • project cleanliness
  • honesty, integrity and quality
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Custom Woodworking Team grounded itself in 1978 when Billy Paul, a well-recognized master premium woodworker, started his company. Since 2002, Jake Paul has served as his understudy and apprentice – mastering the same approaches and skills to custom woodworking. Every step of the way, Billy’s unique woodworking talents, skills and efficiencies quickly grew in Jake. “It’s an extremely high bar we set for the quality of our work,” states Jake & Billy, “and we hold our entire team to deliver the quality, honesty, integrity, ethic and woodworking skills every day.”

With more than 40 years of custom woodworking expertise with luxury homes, it’s no wonder why Custom Woodworking Team, Billy Paul and Jake Paul are acknowledged as the leader by homeowners and builders alike. “May the torch burn bright even as my children carry on as I’ve been able to honor Billy’s legacy in the projects we deliver today.”